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Julie's Bloomies

Julie’s Bloomies

Blooming Works of Art

You made a difference today.

By owning a Bloomie flower pin, you have joined my celebration. Each flower is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted personally by me with lots of love, and made in the USA. Magnetic backs prevent damage to clothing. Please wear your Julie’s Bloomies with joy in your heart. For every flower is a part of my journey, and a work of art.

I am an artist. I am also a Domestic Violence survivor. There was a time in my life when flowers were forbidden. Now that I have broken the cycle of abuse, my life is full of flowers. And you know what they say… Where a flower blooms, there is hope!

I’m hoping that one day, Domestic Violence will cease to exist. But, for now, I’m laughing in flowers. It’s my way of rejoicing.

Thank you for joining me.