Lessons from Flowers

Lessons from Flowers

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To this day, I  often get confused over perennials vs annuals – which flowers come back to bloom year after year, and which ones are here for only a limited amount of time.  When this differentiation comes to mind – no matter the color or species of flora – I rejoice over the fact that the perennial appears as nature’s surprise, one year to the next.  It encompasses all that inspires me.

Imagine such a stunning flower that blooms with all its essence, lasting a season, and is gone.  Where it once bloomed, standing erect toward sunshine, the soil is all that remains of the effervescent memory…through seasons that follow.

Stepping over the space of seemingly empty ground, there is no longer a hint of color nor a satisfying floral aroma.  Just dirt, and seasons progress – perhaps a covering of snow.

But its story is not over yet.  For as the weather warms, rays of sunshine stream down to earth; sprouts re-appear.  Then leaves and petals, bringing back an eyeful of  splendid color and a scent to lift your soul.  The struggles of a winter season ended, the cycle is of renewal.  And of resilience (my favorite word) ! A life lesson in full bloom. 

Resilience isn’t something that comes easily to most.  But the trick in life – is to master resilience. You fall down 7 times, you get up 8. Where that flower stood, the ground may have been trampled on. And yet, it blooms again as the earth laughs in flowers.

By creating mental paradigm shifts of challenging situations, there are lessons in every experience.  The important thing to remember: Don’t lose the lesson.

  1. Bloom where you are planted.
  2. The darkest times will pass.
  3. There is a strength within you.  


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